Why Sens Is the Worst Attacker in Rainbow Six Siege Since Blackbeard

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 has been out for almost a week now, and we finally got the chance to play as Sens, the new Attacker who was supposed to be a big threat for defenders, but they aren’t even close to a threat.

Since the first screenshots leaked from Sens and their ability to block sight with a holographic wall, many players started to compare the new operator to Valorant’s Viper, who has a similar ability to avoid enemies from checking out the other side of the wall.

Sens could also be imagined as the Attacker version of Azami, whose ability allows her to do a wide variety of tricks, including sight blocking. However, Sens are just too weak to be a good opposite to Azami for the Attackers’ side.


Simply put, Sens already feel like a heavily nerfed operator. From their guns to their gadgets, everything feels incomplete and not useful enough for the new operator.

R.O.U. Projector System Doesn’t Have Any Significant Privilege Over Smoke Grenade

Let’s begin with Sens’ main gadget: R.O.U. Projector System. The idea behind the gadget is interesting, but when it comes to the execution, many issues appear. First of all, the active time for Sens’ gadget – the time that the holographic wall is working before getting disappeared – is less than the active time for a smoke grenade.

Now, let’s check it with a common strategy. You have probably seen it many times, when the attackers throw smoke grenades into the bomb site, wait outside for defenders’ C4 to explode and turn into a miss, and then rush inside for planting the defuser. And all these happen while the smoke grenade is effectively active until almost the end of the planting process.

Now, if you want to do the same strategy with Sens’ gadget, you would simply miss the time to wait for the C4, which means you should either rush inside immediately and face the C4 threat or wait for the C4 and then spend the last seconds of planting in the plain sight. Either way, it’s a miss for Sens’ gadget against the ordinary smoke grenades.

Sens’ gadget needs significantly precise aiming in order to set the holographic wall in a way that completely blocks the enemies’ line of sight, and it becomes even worse when sometimes you don’t have access to a proper angle to throw it in the right direction.

Moreover, throwing the Sens’ gadget already needs somewhat precise aiming in order to set the holographic wall in a way that completely blocks the enemies’ line of sight, whereas a smoke grenade just fills in the space with no need for precise aiming. It becomes even worse when sometimes you don’t have the proper angle to throw the holographic wall’s device in the right direction.

Last but not least, Sens’ gadget can be countered with Mute’s Jammers in addition to Wamai’s Magnets and Jagers ADS, while smoke grenades can surpass Jammers pretty easily. Even a C4 or an Impact Grenade can remove Sens’ wall partially, which again makes it more vulnerable.

Now, I don’t want to underrate the gadget’s ability to block a longer line of sight compared to smoke grenades, but the fact is you usually don’t need to cover a long line of sight unless you are up to a very unique strategy.

POF-9 Is Not Good Enough for a 1-Speed Operator

The next problem with Sens in Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 is their brand new assault rifle. POF-9 has a big magazine, which is great, but it has a pretty hard-to-control recoil. With both vertical and horizontal recoil, it is too underwhelming to play as a 1-Speed operator with such a weapon.

To make it even more clear, we have compared Sens’ primary AR to those of some of the Attackers that own Smoke Grenades as their secondary gadget:

Sens (POF-9) Osa (PDW9) Thermite (556XI) Ying (T-95 LSW) Jackal (C7E) Twitch (F2)
Damage 35 34 47 46 42 37
Fire Rate 740 800 690 650 800 980
Damager per Second (DPS) 432 453 540 498 560 604

Now, let’s have a look at the recoil pattern of each one of the guns above:

As you can see, POF-9 offers the worst recoil as well as the lowest DPS when you compare it to some of the most important smoke carriers in Rainbow Six Siege. And to add up to this mess, Sens are a 1-Speed operator, while all the other Attackers mentioned above are 2-Speed.

Combining all these reasons together probably makes it clear that Sens is currently as useless as Blackbeard in Rainbow Six Siege. Both operators have great abilities, but their gadgets are too weak that there is no point in using them anymore.

While it remains dependent on the overall community feedback, it is probably too early to expect a buff for Sens in Rainbow Six Siege anytime soon. But this already tones down the expectations for the rest of Year 7, which were set so high with Azami and Season 1 changes.

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