Who Are The Greens & Blacks?

**This article contains spoilers for Season One of HBO’s House of the Dragon**

The house of Targaryen has splintered into warring factions in HBO’s House of the Dragon, a prequel series to the hit fantasy series Game of Thrones. The two arisen factions – The Greens and The Blacks – are battling to control the inheritance of the Iron Throne and control Westeros as a whole.

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With the land of the Seven Kingdoms threatening to burn itself down, these two factions will determine the future of Westeros and the bloodline that will rule over it. Here’s what we know about The Greens and The Blacks in House of the Dragon.


The Greens

The Greens are the agitators of this conflict, arising after the death of King Viserys and working to install Aegon II onto the Iron Throne instead of Viserys’ preferred heir, the older Rhaenyra Targaryen. This faction is led by Queen Alicent Hightower, wife of the late King Viserys, who has misinterpreted his dying words to mean that he wanted Aegon to inherit the throne.

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The swiftness of this coup was fast and effective, with many houses that have served and cooperated with House Targaryen for years bending the knee and embracing Aegon’s claim to the throne. This rapid consolidation of support has legitimized Aegon’s right to rule across much of Westeros and has weakened Rhaenyra’s claim, in spite of her inheritance to the throne being known by many for years leading up to Viserys’ death. With King’s Landing and most of the surrounding houses at their side, The Greens have quickly turned most of House Targaryen’s existing forces to their side, accepting the new line of succession to the throne.

The Blacks

Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen and her two sons Jacaerys and Lucerys in HBO's House of the Dragon

The Blacks are the faction of Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen, who is fighting to re-establish and secure her claim to the throne of Westeros. Led by Rhaenyra and her husband, Daemon Targaryen, The Blacks were formed quickly and with little time to maintain any power among the houses of Westeros as most were quick to accept Aegon II as the new heir to the throne. Their largest ally is House Velaryon, led by Corlys Velaryon, who holds a mighty naval force and well-trained ground army, which The Blacks are relying on while they seek out additional allies. The only inherent advantage The Blacks have against The Greens is their access to full-grown dragons and trained riders, including Daemon himself. The Greens are lacking in this area as they possess mostly younger dragons that are less combat-hardened, except for Vhagar, the largest and oldest known dragon in Westeros.

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The Blacks’ best chance for evening the odds against The Greens in terms of sheer manpower will be to ally with the remaining houses that have not pledged their support of Aegon II, including House Stark, which fans will remember would become an integral house to the plot of Game of Thrones, set nearly two centuries later.

The Future Of Westeros

Vhagar the Dragon in HBO's House of the Dragon Season One

With the house of Targaryen primed to burn down the Seven Kingdoms to settle an internal fight for the Iron Throne, Westeros is at the mercy of The Blacks and The Greens’ armies, dragons, and naval fleets. Queen Rhaenyra is mourning the loss of her father, unborn child, and second-eldest son, killed by Aemond Targaryen while riding Vhagar. She is determined to clear the Seven Kingdoms of those who have betrayed her right to the throne. Meanwhile, Queen Alicent Hightower is dead-set on maintaining her son’s bloodline’s control over the Iron Throne, acting on the misunderstood dying wishes of King Viserys. Neither side of this conflict nor their allies are willing to move an inch, and they can only hope that there will still be a kingdom to rule over once the dust settles.

Fans will have to wait and see how the war between The Blacks and The Greens turns out, both for the Targaryen house and the whole of Westeros and its people. Filming for Season 2 of House of the Dragon is set to begin in early 2023, with the debut scheduled for 2024. Until then, it remains a mystery what will happen to the Seven Kingdoms and who, if anyone, is left to rule upon the Iron Throne.

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