Where To Find All Unlockable Outfits

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a single-player experience with many unlockables to find. The type of hidden item that players will be most likely to want to get their hands on is the unlockable outfits. The authenticity and great variety of costumes has earned the game a lot of praise from critics and fans, alongside its story, dialogue, and gameplay.

Many of the outfits included in the game come from the 2014 movie and comic books. Some, however, were made exclusively for this action-packed new title. If you’d like to know how to find each one, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the locations of every unlockable outfit in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.


All Outfits In Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Rocket Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

The first outfit can be found during the first level with Star-Lord and Rocket. After the pair slide down the ramp, there will be two paths. Continue to the right of these two paths until you see a metal wreckage. Drop down inside of it to find Rocket’s outfit from the 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Chapter 1: Groot Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

A cutscene will play where Star-Lord and Rocket meet Groot. When you gain control of Star-Lord after the cutscene ends, turn to the right and go through the crawl space covered in goo. Once you do, you’ll find Groot’s outfit from the 2014 Guardian of the Galaxy film.

All Outfits In Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Star-Lord (Nova-Lord)

After choosing between “Encourage her” or “Take control” during the conversation with Nikki, you’ll see her go right. Don’t follow. Instead, go under the pipe ahead after you vault over the boxes and you’ll find the Nova-Lord outfit for Star-Lord.

All Outfits In Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Once you’ve defeated the cube monsters, you and the others will exit from the fight area by climbing into a forest. Here you’ll want to make a right near the red plantlife and keep going until you see a narrow cave entrance. After squeezing through a crack in the wall, keep heading towards the exit and you’ll find Gamora’s Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) outfit on your right.

Chapter 3: Groot (Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

Once Groot builds the bridge for you, go to the left and destroy the goo covering the cave entrance. Inside, you’ll need to use the elemental guns to make a platform with the ice. While exiting the cave, you’ll find the Groot Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse outfit on a cliff.

All Outfits In Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Drax Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

There are two ways to get this outfit. The first is if you sold Groot to Lady Hellbender. When you sneak into her throne room to take Groot back, go to the right as soon as you enter. Eventually, you’ll find it alongside the right wall.

If you chose to not sell Groot to Lady Hellbender, you can find it during the drone chase. During this section, shoot the wreckage on the left then jump onto the platform. Follow the path forward and don’t follow the other Guardians. You’ll find the Drax Guardians of the Galaxy outfit after jumping to it.

Chapter 4: Rocket (Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

Like the previous outfit, this depends on your choice to sell Groot. If you chose to sell him, the outfit is found when sneaking past the drunk guards. After the elevator ride, go to the right when the rest of the team goes left. Jump over the table then squeeze between the round table and the box. Next, crouch under the opening beneath the box to find the outfit.

If you didn’t sell Groot, the outfit can be found during the drone chase. After Drax makes an opening in the floor, you’ll end up in a sewer area. Here, keep traveling until you come to a point where there are left and right paths. Go to the left and you’ll find the outfit.

All Outfits In Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Drax (Nova Corps)

While you have Rocket hacking the door in the lobby of Ko-Rel’s ship, have him power up the barred door near the lobby’s back left corner. Entering it will take you into a bathroom with the Drax Nova Corps outfit being on the left side.

Chapter 5: Groot (Nova Corps)

Once you’ve defeated the group of enemies after finding the helmet, the Guardians will wait for you in a room with orange light. To progress through this area, you have to travel upwards through a vent. Before doing that, go to the back corner of the room, Here, you can find Groot’s Nova Corps outfit behind some equipment. Make sure you find it before leaving the room.

All Outfits In Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

After the bar cutscene plays on Knowhere, travel towards area giant, pink tree branches. Go toward the glowing blue light ahead by going down the stairs. You’ll then want to make a left. This is where you’ll see some railing behind three kids who are playing. Hop the railing onto the red pipes then go under the nearby steps to find Star-Lord’s Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) outfit.

All Outfits In Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Rocket (Nova Corps)

You’ll have the chance to find this outfit once you raise the platform in the room with red lighting. After this, there are two waves of enemies you’ll fight on a platform in a room with red lights. Once the enemies have been defeated, Rocket will end up opening up two rooms. Go to the one on the left and you’ll find Rocket’s Nova Corps outfit.

Chapter 7: Gamora (Nova Corps)

You’ll have to backtrack through an earlier section of the game to find this outfit. While going to Nikki’s hideout, you’ll encounter some stairs with electrified water after fighting members of the Nova Corps. Once you clear the water with your guns, command Gamora to destroy the pipes on the edge of the area. Behind where the pipes were you’ll find Gamora’s Nova Corps outfit.

All Outfits In Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Star-Lord (Bad-Lord)

Enter through the tunnel that Drax enters after the jumps in the red liquid. After exiting the tunnel, command Drax to carry the pillar on your right. Put this pillar in front of the tunnel exit. Jump onto the pillar and you’ll find this outfit in the room above.

Chapter 8: Drax (Cage Match)

After fighting enemies between the skiffs and docking, you’ll find yourself on a platform in a circular room. Look around until you see a group of boxes. Go behind these boxes to find the Drax Cage Match outfit.

All Outfits In Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Gamora (Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

Early on in this chapter, Mantis will join the team. While following her, you’ll enter a cave. Inside, you’ll come to a river with a waterfall. Go into the cave behind the waterfall to find the Gamora Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse outfit.

Chapter 10: Rocket (Hero of Halfworld)

There will be a cave with three enemies you have to fight. Once you’ve beaten them, look for the opening in the cave wall. Tell Rocket to enter this opening and destroy it. Inside, there is a cave filled with gas. Get rid of the gas with your elemental guns and jump the gap. Next, tell Groot to raise a platform for you. Keep going up to exit the cave until you eventually get to a ledge to move across, which will bring you to Rocket’s Hero of Halfworld outfit.

Chapter 10: Groot (Annihilation: Conquest Suit)

While Groot leads you through the dark cave, eventually you’ll find the exit. Go to the right of it and you’ll see an area with purple lighting through a crack in the wall. Enter through this crack and you’ll find Groot’s Annihilation: Conquest Suit.

All Outfits In Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Drax (Thanos Imperative)

This outfit will automatically be unlocked if you pre-ordered the game. To unlock it in-game, command Drax to pull out the yellow container after you’ve beaten the enemies at the beginning of the chapter. Jump on top of the container to get Drax’s Thanos Imperative outfit.

Chapter 12: Rocket (The Smuggler)

Once you defeat the enemies in the marketplace, you’ll follow the Guardians and reach an opening that you must squeeze through. To the right of this is some green technology. Use your elemental gun to pull it out. Behind it, you’ll find this outfit for Rocket.

Chapter 12: Groot (Impaler)

This outfit will automatically be unlocked if you pre-ordered the game. Command Gamora to cut down the wires next to the yellow pillar. Progress through the following area until you come to a wall that can be moved by Drax. Before you tell him to do so, use the wind power from your elemental guns to pull a wall panel to the left.

Next, order Groot to build a bridge to the area you just opened up. Move across the bridge until you come to an electrified floor. Tell Rocket to enter the vent to the left of the electricity to turn it off. Go forward and look for some pallets near the railing on the left. This is where you’ll find Groot’s Impaler outfit.

Chapter 12: Gamora (Casual Kill)

Once you’ve defeated the enemies on the rooftops, there will be a platform with a crack in it. Drax has to destroy this for you to progress through the level. Doing so will allow you to slide to the bottom of a pit. After entering this area, look for an opening. Crawl through it and you’ll find Gamora’s Casual Kill outfit.

Chapter 12: Star Lord (Apocalypse Lord)

This outfit will automatically be unlocked if you pre-ordered the game. To unlock it in-game, first, you must defeat the enemies you encounter in the brain area of Knowhere. Next, command Drax to move the pillar that appears after you take the handle out from the wall. Jump on the pillar and tell Gamora to hang from the wall. Use Gamora to launch yourself to the right where you’ll find the Apocalypse Lord outfit for Star-Lord on a platform.

All Outfits In Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Gamora (Black Vortex)

This outfit will automatically be unlocked if you pre-ordered the game. To unlock it in-game, first, you have to beat the level’s first two enemies. After doing this, you’ll see an ice wall that must be destroyed by Gamora to progress and another wall that Gamora can climb. Use Gamora to help you climb the wall. At the top, you’ll see a pillar that can be reached by jumping a gap. That is where you’ll find Gamora’s Black Vortex outfit.

Chapter 13: Groot (Five O’Clock Sprouts)

After you kill the ice worms, you’ll have to make an opening with your elemental gun’s wind power. Next, command Groot to build a bridge across the gap until you come to some spikes. Go to the right of these spikes and shimmy along the ledge. Enter the cave and go to the right inside to locate the Five O’Clock Sprouts outfit for Groot.

Chapter 13: Star-Lord (War-Lord)

This outfit can be unlocked automatically by logging into your Square Enix account. To find it in-game, the first time you gain the fire ability for the elemental guns, you’ll use this power to melt ice on a cave ceiling. This will drop a piece of rock on a large skeleton. Use this to jump across the gap nearby. There is even more ice to melt on the other side of the gap. Melting it will drop a platform. Tell Groot to raise the platform to the small cave opening where you’ll find the War-Lord outfit.

Chapter 13: Rocket (The Stinger)

The first time you get to the poison gas plants in this chapter, go to their right. There will be four more of these plants at the end of an area. Shoot them with your Plasma Shot to reveal Rocket’s Stinger outfit, which is on the wall behind the plants.

Chapter 13: Drax (Katathian Monk)

Shortly after visiting the burning camp, you’ll slide into a tunnel and end up in an ice cave. Once inside, climb the cliffs on your left side filled with more poisonous plants. You’ll find Drax’s Katathian Monk suit by destroying these plants and climbing the cliffs.

All Outfits In Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Star-Lord (Team-Lord)

When you enter the wind tunnel, you’ll need to pull up some cover to avoid being blown away. You’ll come to an area with platforms on both sides. Go on the left side and climb on the yellow container, then onto the scaffolding above to find the Team-Lord outfit for Marvel’s legendary hero Star-Lord.

Chapter 14: Drax (Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

While outside the ship, Groot will make a bridge for you to cross. Once you cross, make a right instead of going forward and melt the ice wall with your fire ability. Climb the platforms you encounter. Eventually, you’ll reach a platform with Drax’s Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse outfit.

Chapter 14: Gamora (Chosen Daughter)

While in the mines, you’ll have to create ice platforms in order to cross the gaps. While doing this, you’ll eventually see some mist appear on your left next to a platform you’ve made. Shoot each of these mist bursts to create platforms that will lead you to the Chosen Daughter outfit for Gamora.

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