The Rings Of Power Episode 6 Ending Explained

Spoilers Alert: This post contains spoilers for Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.It would be fair to call Episode 6 of The Rings of Power the best episode of the series so far. Finally, the war that everyone was waiting for took place in the new episode, which was titled “Udun.”

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All the previous episodes never focused on a particular region or a character. The show shifted its focus from one character to another, building up a story to connect everything in later episodes, but that certainly wasn’t Episode 6’s theme. The latest chapter kept its complete focus on Anondir, Adar, Bronwyn, and all of the Southlands. But, with so much happening in the episode, it must have been tricky to understand every bit of the story to the fullest.


Taking Control Of The Castle

The episode starts with Adar planting alfirin seeds to give birth to the new life in defiance of death. Then, we see the whole army of Orcs prepared to march to the fortress, and the Southlanders who surrendered to Adar also join the group. They hope to find Arondir, Bronwyn, and other Southlanders, but the fort seems empty until Arondir shows himself and shoots one of the Orcs and brings the whole fort down by burning a rope, killing several Orcs.

The scene then cuts to Galadriel, who is about to reach Southlands alongside Miriel and the Numenor army. After winning the first battle against Adar, Arondir and others return to the settlement, getting ready for the second attack. Somehow, Southlanders defeat them again, but they later figure out they mostly killed their own men disguised as Orcs, and a large hoard of Orcs then attack them. Bronwyn also gets injured in the battle but is saved by Arondir and Theo.

Arrival Of Numenoreans And Galadriel

Soon, Adar and Orcs infiltrate the place and start killing innocent people for the mysterious artifact. Theo considers divulging the artifact’s location to save his mother, but before Adar and the Orcs can return to safety after taking the artifact, the Numenor army and Galadriel arrive and kill the Orcs.

Adar manages to escape, but not for long as Galadriel and Halbrand catch him soon. Halbrand was about to kill him, but Galadriel saved the Elf, as she wanted him alive to learn more about him and, of course, Sauron. The discussion between Halbrand and Adar makes it clear that they share a history, and the latter has hurt him in the past, but Adar doesn’t remember a thing.

Adar’s Interrogation Begins

Now, it’s time to know the truth about the Orcs’ king. Galadriel correctly acknowledges him and the Orcs as the elves taken by Morgoth and turned into an uglier and darker form, which she quotes as “Moriondor,” Sons of the dark,” and “The First Orcs.” Adar says that he prefers the name “Uruk.”

Galadriel then asks about the location of his master, Sauron, to which he replies that he killed him after watching his children, ‘Orcs,’ suffer in Sauron’s reign. Obviously, this is not at all believable to Galadriel and the viewers. After some more gloomy chit-chat between the two, Galadriel was about to kill Adar, but Halbrand stops her.

Adar’s Masterplan

While the villagers celebrate their victory, Bronwyn notices the crest on Halbrand’s armor and acknowledges that he is the true king of the Southlands. Galadriel hands over the sword to Arondir, who further gives it to Theo and tells him to give it to Numenor, so they can toss it into the sea. But soon, Theo realizes that it’s not the sword in the cloth but an ordinary axe. This means that Adar has been able to retain the real sword, and then we see it in the hands of Waldreg, who puts it into a rock, and as soon as he turns it around, all the water starts to flow inside the volcanic mountain.

This sets up a reaction that makes the volcano erupt, and big blasts of fiery rocks cover the whole village. Everyone runs for safety while Galadriel watches the whole scene with astonishment before the black smoke covers her.

What Does Udun Means In The Lord Of The Rings?

Right before the volcanic eruption, Orcs start shouting “Udun” with all their might, making fans wonder what exactly is “Udun.” In the Elvish Sindarin language, Udun means hell. It is also the name given to the valley in Mordor. Udun is also another name for Utumno, the first and the greatest fortress of Morgoth, situated in far Middle-earth.

In context to the episode, the mountain clearly represents the hell that dooms the entire village. By making the volcano erupt, Adar successfully unleashed the cloud of lethal gas on the village, thus bringing hell to Earth.

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