Readers sound off on Big Oil influence at COP28, Israel’s rules of engagement and an escaped steer

The fossil fuel industry has everybody hooked

White Rock, British Columbia: The disturbing over-representation of fossil fuel interests at COP28 and the meeting’s discouraging results just further expose the immense political influence of the industry seemingly everywhere, though especially here in Canada.

Notably, Alberta’s government via its Utilities Commission in August suddenly announced its decision to delay (or “pause”) all approvals for new renewable energy infrastructure for about seven months, citing concerns over logistics and potential end-of-life cleanup costs.

Yet, the same government fails to force fossil fuel companies that have left behind major contamination sites in Alberta to clean up after themselves as they formally agreed to do.

On a global level, it’s no longer prudent to have so much of society, including our primary modes of transportation, reliant on traditional sources of energy. But industry and fossil fuel-friendly governments can tell when a very large portion of the populace is too overworked, worried and even angry about food and housing unaffordability for themselves or their families — all while on insufficient income — to criticize the industry (etcetera) for whatever environmental damage their policies cause or allow, particularly when not immediately observable.

Even as regions of bone-dry vegetation uncontrollably burn, mass addiction to fossil fuel products undoubtedly helps keep the average consumer quiet about the planet’s greatest polluter, lest they feel and/or be publicly deemed hypocritical.

It must be convenient for the industry. Frank Sterle Jr.

Not natural

Manhattan: To Voicer John Ray: Yes, Earth’s climate has changed radically at least eight times in its history — but over millennia, not within a human lifespan, and humans are causing it. We’re our own asteroid. New York’s a goner, and we’ll be the migrants along with millions of others worldwide. Yes, gasoline cars and burning fracked gas and oil are causing our series of hottest years on record and all the extreme weather that comes with them. Even the oil-rich Arab states admit this. We’ve got to get out of this mess, and we can. President Biden has done his job, funneling investment to lifesaving clean energy and the local manufacturing to support it. Gov. Hochul: Bring on the offshore wind, put the NY HEAT Act in your executive budget, give us an EV charging network, and keep stepping up funding for apprenticeships in the jobs these actions will create. Linda Novenski

Wrong word

Manhattan: The Daily News needs to toe the line about spelling. Who approved the header on the Voice of the People page on Saturday: “Thank you for not towing the flawed party line”? John Guinan

Misstated saying

Rockaway: Editorial content aside, the expression is “toe” the line, not “tow.” I would expect editors of a newspaper to know the difference. Scott Nagel

Sink or swim

Cincinnati: Re “The impeachment of Hunter Biden” (editorial, Dec. 14): Speaker Mike Johnson’s mahout herded Republicans into a majority vote to authorize a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Democrats with blinders on declared that there is no reason to hold an impeachment inquiry but the majority of Americans, noting evidence amassed for months by several House committees, feel there is something amiss. If, indeed, Democrats are correct, then the inquiry they so vociferously decry will reveal Republican overreach. Let the games begin. Paul Bloustein

Focus on your own

Clearwater, Fla.: Of all people, President Biden should not be advising Israel to be more focused on saving civilian lives. As it is, Israel is being as careful as possible. The IDF’s accidental killing of three Israeli hostages is simply tragic, but let’s look at Biden, who is failing to keep America safe with his open border policy. Millions of unknowns from all over the world have crossed over the border, including drug cartels who are killing Americans with fentanyl. Recently, the FBI warned that the United States is facing the highest risk of a terror attack since Hamas’ Oct. 7 deadly assault on Israel. No doubt there are sleeper cells ready to strike at a moment’s notice. And if we are attacked, all fingers should point at Biden for his dereliction of duties and allowing terrorists into our country — one more reason to impeach him. JoAnn Lee Frank

Tactics revealed

Blue Island, Ill.: Why is no one questioning the Israeli death squads executing three Israeli hostages who were carrying a white flag? How many innocent Palestinians have been similarly murdered? When will our government stop sending military aid to Israel? Do we really need Israel in the Middle East anymore? We already have an air base in Qatar. Give the Palestinians their own country already! Frank Abromitis

Out to kill

Highland Falls, N.Y.: Seems like the IDF is using the old American Army playbook from Vietnam: “Spray and pray” with their automatic weapons, no aiming needed, and “kill anything that moves,” white flag or not. Hostage families better think about putting themselves between the IDF and Hamas because the Israeli military has made it plain that killing Arabs is more important to them than saving Jews. Dumb bombs and dumber soldiers are a bad combination. Joe Cyr

Total war

West Hempstead, L.I.: To Voicer Greg Ahl: There is no duty to provide food, fuel or power to your enemy. Hamas is the elected government of Gaza, as Nazis were the elected government of Germany. When you go to war, as long as you don’t target civilians, civilian casualties are collateral damage — sad but not criminal. The vast majority of Israelis are firmly in support of this war, against any concessions to Hamas and want its complete destruction. They democratically elected this government. Whether or not they love Bibi Netanyahu or will vote against him is their decision, not yours, Biden’s, Barack Obama’s or anybody else’s. Samuel Mark

Without mercy

Manhattan: Maybe the Palestinian relationship with Israel is informed by their uncertainty about by what rules of the game the Zionists are playing: Inferences from the Nuremberg trials/treaties and protocols of the Geneva Convention/UN declarations, or the holy war described by Moses in Deuteronomy (Chapter 20), in which God commands the Israelites to slaughter every non-Jewish man, woman and child residing in the covenanted Promised Land. Who is out to get whom? Michele P. Brown

Something to prove

Rego Park: As much as the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about Israeli survival, it’s also about ego. The Israelis and Netanyahu got caught with their pants down. Now they’ve got to save face. Jeff Rosenblatt

If it were you

Brooklyn: When lawmakers on Capitol Hill asked the presidents of MIT, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania if students calling for the genocide of Jews violated their codes of conduct, and their answers were basically that it depends on context, there should have been a follow-up question by our lawmakers: “If students called for the torture, rape and murder of college faculty, would that also be considered free speech dependent on context?” I have a feeling “context” would no longer be the issue. Josh Greenberger

Neighborhood news

Manhattan: I heard from attendees at a Dec. 14 community board meeting that the Calhoun School building at 160 W. 74th St. will be converted to a shelter. A follow-up would be greatly appreciated. Irini Kimura

Will to live

Moriches, L.I.: Re “Bull on tracks at Newark Penn Station delays NJ Transit, PATH” (Dec. 14): Cows are gentle giants. Like humans, they form strong bonds with their families and mourn the loss of those they love. Mother cows will call and search frantically for their babies after the calves have been taken away and sold to veal or beef farms just like you and I would search for our child if the unthinkable happened. And when someone is trying to kill them, they run for their lives, like Ricardo did and just as you or I would. Catching Ricardo was no easy feat, requiring tranquilizer guns and the cooperation of the Newark Police Emergency Services Unit, Port Authority cops and Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, but it’s never been easier to save animals just like him by simply leaving them off your plate. John Di Leonardo


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