Readers sound off falling debris, destruction in Gaza and new Cuomo allegations

Without inspections, it’s just ‘look out below’

Elmsford, N.Y.: Complaining about too-frequent New York building wall inspections, Voicer Paul Yannolo wrote: “It’s important to know that buildings have stood for decades in this city without a single instance of falling bricks.” Really?

Had he Googled “New York falling bricks,” the first written result would have been this ABC Eyewitness News story: “Bricks fall from NYCHA building in the Bronx, striking motorcycle below,” from Wednesday, July 19, 2023. That’s just four months ago.

With a bit more research he would have found this Daily News story from 2019: ” ‘That could have been me’: Prominent architect Erica Tishman killed by falling debris from Midtown Manhattan office building” (Dec. 17, 2019).

Even more due diligence would have uncovered the fact that the movement to have the city regularly inspect New York building façades began in 1979 after a piece of masonry from the residential building at Broadway and 115th St. in Manhattan fell and killed a Barnard College student in her freshman year. I happened to have grown up in that building and graduated from Columbia University 10 years earlier. I went on to a 50-year career as a full-time freelance journalist for outlets including the Daily News, so I know a little about how to handle the truth.

Too bad he had to make things up and you chose to print them without a simple fact-check. Steve Ditlea

No more chances

Brooklyn: Bradley Tusk (“How Eric Adams can bounce back,” op-ed, Nov. 29) feels Mayor Adams can have a comeback. He has had enough time to fix this city but has only made it worse. I will bet we continue to spiral down while he’s in office. I hate be a Debbie Downer but the Adams writing is on the NYC wall. Oh, and Daily News, can you get some guest writers that are voices of reason? Mariann Tepedino

Thru & thru

Tobyhanna, Pa.: To Voicer Nick Di Pasquale: As the well-known song from “West Side Story” goes: “When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day.” We never lose hope but we always know when the season’s over. Go Tommy DeVito! Joseph Matarazzo

Race factor

Manhattan: To Voicer John Flynn: “Idiocy” should have been the headline of your goofy rant toward Leonard Greene’s column on Charissa Thompson. First, Greene wrote a fact that Thompson admitted to, therefore it’s not a “made up” article. She falsified her sideline reports and later apologized. You don’t apologize for not doing anything wrong. Secondly, the reasoning for his statement regarding Pam Oliver maybe losing her employment was that in America, Black people are judged more harshly. That’s a truth. Your choice to ignore that as a truth shows that your cognitive dissonance has kicked in, as you’re uncomfortable seeing a Black man criticize a white woman. Or maybe you just love seeing your name in the paper. Edward Scott

Dropped diss

Staten Island: To Robert De Niro: So, young Vito Corleone is upset that part of his speech at an awards ceremony was cut out because it slammed our next president, Donald Trump. Shouldn’t you concentrate more on showing compassion for your staff that you abused, or the fact that you’ve turned out garbage movies for 20 years to support your ex-wife’s shopping sprees? Yes, I’m talking to you! Thomas Fraumeni Jr.

Intended target?

Rockaway Park: Re Bramhall’s Nov. 29 cartoon with Rosalynn Carter saying, “Please honor my memory by having compassion for the mentally ill. To be clear, that doesn’t mean electing him to a second term”: It means President Biden, right!? Jesus Linares

Disproportionate coverage

Bedford, N.Y.: Re “Elon Musk visits ravaged Israeli kibbutz, meets with Netanyahu amid concerns about antisemitism on X” (Nov. 27): You call Israel “ravaged.” Perhaps emotionally, but “ravaged”? That description is an insult compared to the decimation of Gaza. Yes, people in Israel are heartbroken from what happened in October and rightfully so, but to call it “ravaged”? How many millions of Israelis have lost their homes and are now displaced, or are being forced to repatriate? How many millions of Israelis have had access to water, electricity, fuel, food and medical care cut off, their hospitals closed or taken over by occupying forces? How many millions of Israelis are now living in open-air desert, without shelter, or with their entire families slaughtered? How many millions of Israelis are now experiencing hunger and disease? I must have missed the news about the genocide millions of innocent Israelis are experiencing now, with more than 14,000, including 5,000 children, killed by indiscriminate bombings and shelling. Please bring some perspective to the news, don’t just pander to one group. Céline Secada

Send help

North Bergen, N.J.: We are all too frequently reminded of the suffering in Gaza’s hospitals due to overcrowding caused by Israeli bombing. For the past several days, Israel has been engaged in a cease-fire. Why aren’t the Arab and European critics of Israel taking advantage of the cease-fire as an opportunity to help relieve the suffering in Gaza? They should be using medevac helicopters to transport the suffering to hospitals in nearby states. Is it really that much more important to have continued suffering that can be blamed on Israel? Irving A. Gelb

All their fault

Williamsville, N.Y.: Voicer Joe Bialek’s unhinged rant against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu overlooks some inconvenient (for him) facts. First, the ongoing conflict is entirely the fault of the Palestinians, who have rejected multiple generous offers of peace and their own state because they would have been required to coexist peacefully with Israel. In fact, the true and only goal of the Palestinians is Israel’s destruction. Second, Bialek subjects Palestinians to the soft bigotry of low expectations by robbing them of any responsibility for their own circumstances. It isn’t Netanyahu that has mired them in misery, it’s their own 75-year murderous terrorist campaign against Israel’s existence. Finally, it remains the case that if Palestinians ceased fighting, they’d have peace and their own state; if Israel stopped fighting, it would be destroyed. That tells you where the fault lies for the ongoing conflict. Daniel H. Trigoboff

Light on details

Keller, Texas: Re “Andy aide’s new sex suit” (Nov. 25): The article pulls swathes of old allegations from the summons and presents little perspective supporting the defendant’s presumption of innocence. When will the Daily News do a proper investigation of the Andrew Cuomo accusations and write facts that may contradict a guilty-until-proven-innocent media play and present a balanced picture so that readers may analyze both sides?  We see cynical articles appearing every time Cuomo makes a positive move. There are numerous questions surrounding Brittany Commisso’s actions, including possible financial motives, her selective memory of dates and details like what she was wearing when an alleged assault took place, her tardiness in filing this suit, and so forth. It will come out eventually in court, but why should we have to wait years for the who, what, where, when and how? Today’s journalists are letting us down with these shallow, one-sided articles. It detracts more from the media’s credibility than from Cuomo’s. Virginia Hagan

Sail on

Manhattan: “Wind in the sails” (editorial, Nov. 28), calling for the swift deployment of non-polluting energy, says it all. I second the motion! What an embarrassment that Texas is so far ahead of us while four offshore wind farms here have been stalled. Brooklyn is getting thoroughly stiffed by the cancellation of one of those four. But one of three brand-new offshore wind farms will help clean up the filthy Ravenswood power plant and lead to good manufacturing and port jobs in New York Harbor. Fortunately, Gov. Hochul is setting tight deadlines for the rebidding process to restore the four wind farms that had already been in process. The South Fork wind plant is an achievement, but it only supplies 132 megawatts. The stalled ones plus the newly awarded ones would give us over eight gigawatts, and we need them. Offshore wind may be pricey now, but it’s a long-term investment. Laurie Joan Aron

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