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At the end of your journey in through Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, defeating everything from the Elite Four to the final boss, the next step as per franchise tradition is a rematch between all eight of the game’s gym leaders. There’s a story reason for the battles this time — the academy is planning a tournament, and the chairwoman La Primera would love to enter as well, but she is too busy with the Gym Leader Evaluations.

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If only a recently crowned champion could do this for her. The Leaders’ will be on equal footing now, and some can put up quite the challenge.

Basic Structure

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gym Leader Katy asking about an errand the player is doing for the Top Champion

The thing to bear in mind is that each of these rematches will go down the same way. You’ll enter the gym to find the leader hanging out at the entrance, and you’ll notify them you’re taking Geeta’s place in their evaluation. They’ll accept, and the fight will begin. No tests this time — just straight into the fight.

  • Each leader will have a fully evolved team of 5 Pokémon.
  • The first four will always be level 65, but their last Pokémon will always be at 66 and will always Tera Form.
  • It really won’t matter which order you tackle the leaders in because of this.
  • The gym leaders are equally leveled, and they’re only as dangerous as the gaps you leave open in your team planning.

Katy’s Bug Evaluation

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Gym Leader Katy's Ursaring Bug Tera Form in gym rematch

Katy uses Bug-type Pokémon, and during the Victory Road story path, she had the lowest-level team. She acknowledges this before the rematch, saying that this was due to advice that mostly new trainers would start at her gym, so she should be gentle. She would like to take off the kid gloves, and this is not mere words, as she effectively gets the biggest glow-up out of all the leader rematches.

Katy’s Team

  • Lokix
  • Forretress
  • Heracross
  • Spidops
  • Ursaring

Forretress is 4x weak to Fire, and Heracross is 4x weak to Flying. Bug types can be fast and can hit hard when in the right hands, so for this rematch do not underestimate her. The game will be ready for that mistake on your part.

Brassius’ Grass Evaluation

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gym Leader Brassius' Arboliva's Seed Sower ability

Brassius will also be a major step up from his original fight, due to gaining around 40 extra levels along with a few new party members.

Brassius’ Team

  • Lilligant
  • Tsareena
  • Breloom
  • Arboliva
  • Sudowoodo

Breloom is 4x weak to Flying, making Flying types an easy recommendation. Be warned Arboliva can instantly make the terrain grassy, which will heal any Pokémon that touches the ground. Simple use of Flying, Bug, and Fire moves should be enough to win the rematch.

Iono’s Electric Evaluation

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gym Leader Iono thinking she's talking to Primera

Electric types are only weak against Ground, and just like before, Iono has planned to try and remove this weakness the best she can.

Iono’s Team

  • Kilowattrel
  • Bellibolt
  • Luxray
  • Electrode
  • Mismagius

While Electrode is not the most serious new addition, the fact her previous team is fully evolved will make her more of a challenge regardless.

Kofu’s Water Evaluation

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gym Leader Kofu telling the player to tell Geeta he's flowin' and crashin' more than ever

Simply put, Kofu may be just as scary as he was the first time you fought him, as his returning teammates were already fully evolved in the first fight. He also doesn’t prepare against his Grass weakness aside from one new party member, and he notably has nothing to shield himself from Electric attacks.

Kofu’s Team

  • Veluza
  • Pelipper
  • Clawitzer
  • Wugtrio
  • Crabominable

Kufo can easily be taken down by a player who chose Sprigatito, who would be fully evolved by now. Just use a Grass type for everything but Pelipper, and you’ll likely have this rematch won handily.

Larry’s Normal Evaluation

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gym Leader Larry telling the player why he likes normal-type Pokemon

As Larry will remind you, while he is a member of the Elite Four, this rematch is about his Leader position, so he will stick with Normal types. Normal is tricky, only weak to Fighting and immune to Ghosts. Ghost in turn is also immune to Normal-type attacks, and Normal is super effective against nothing, so you may find yourself at neither an advantage nor a disadvantage with a high-level team.

Larry’s Team

  • Oinkologne
  • Dudunsparce
  • Braviary
  • Komala
  • Staraptor

With Braviary, a Rock or Electric attack would be super effective, but Staraptor’s Tera Form means that the same tactic won’t mean anything.

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Ryme’s Ghost Evaluation

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Ryme's Ghost Tera Toxtricity at level 66 during rematch

Ryme will continue to use the double-battle style in this rematch. Don’t just rely on Dark and Ghost moves, which are super effective against Ghost — remember to stick with Pokémon that will complement each other.

Ryme’s Team

  • Mimikyu
  • Banette
  • Houndstone
  • Spiritomb
  • Toxtricity

Also, remember: don’t waste a powerful move as your first hit on Mimikyu, as it will negate any damage with its Disguise ability.

Tulip’s Psychic Evaluation

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gym Leader Tulip saying to the player so you're here in place of Geeta are you

Tulip will now gain a Gallade for her all-Psychic party, meaning that both final evolutions for Raltz will be fought in this rematch.

Tulip’s Team

  • Farigiraf
  • Gallade
  • Gardevoir
  • Espathra
  • Florges

Psychic is considered one of the most powerful Pokémon types. If she gave you trouble the first time, then she’ll likely be a hurdle once again. Bug, Dark, and Ghost attacks will be your best counters against her.

Grusha’s Ice Evaluation

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gym Leader Grusha's Weavile during gym rematch

Like Tulip, Grusha’s team will only see one new addition, but that may be all he needs to be a challenge. He had the highest-level team during Victory Road, but thankfully relying on your original strategy that beat him will likely work for the rematch.

Grusha’s Team

  • Frosmoth
  • Beartic
  • Cetitan
  • Weavile
  • Altaria

New addition Weavile is 4x weak to Fighting. Remember Beartic’s Earthquake is a near-perfect counter to most Pokémon types strong against Ice — Steel, Rock, and Fire.

Handing In Your Evaluations

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Top Champion Geeta asking for your report on the gym leaders

Geeta will call you on the phone after you’ve completed all of the gym leader evaluations. She’ll meet you at the entrance hall, then decide to move somewhere more private; your dorm. No, you don’t fight her. You just answer some questions:

  • Which gym leader was easiest?
  • Which left the strongest impression?
  • Who gave you the most trouble?
  • Who did you like the most?

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Geeta giving the player a King's Rock at the end of the gym leader evaluations

Answer these questions from your heart, and Geeta will give you an item for one of your Pokémon to hold: King’s Rock.

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