How To Beat The Ghost Guardian

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On the final island in Sonic Frontiers, you may find yourself running over to a battle symbol on your map and, for the first time, not be greeted by a zoom-in on the Guardian of the area. With no boss shoving their face in the screen, you may be confused as to what danger the map and overhead display were warning you about. And then, you’ll see a purple shrine Sonic can interact with.

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Out pops the Ghost, a Guardian who can not be directly harmed. It can only be destroyed by breaking the shrines connected to it, and it will do everything it can to prevent Sonic from doing so.


Unlocking The Shrine

There are two places on the Ouranos Island map where the Ghost Guardian can be fought. In both locations, Sonic will have to walk up to one of these shrines and interact with the button on the screen. Instantly, a Ghost will pop out and finally reveal its name and face to the hedgehog. Any direct attack will do absolutely nothing; there will not even be a red barrier that suddenly pops up this time. The Ghost is simply impervious to all attacks, but the same will not be said for Sonic.

The second this fight starts, the Ghost Guardian will begin to leech rings out of Sonic. One at a time, Sonic’s rings will fly out of him directly into the Ghost. He cannot get any of these rings back, making this a timer for how long Sonic has to end this fight before this vampiric Guardian sucks all of his life away. With no attack to counter and constant attacks from the Ghost, it’s safe to say this Guardian completely has the upper hand more than any previous challenge. There is only one way to end this.

Cyloop The Shrine

Sonic Frontiers Sonic in front of Ghost Shrine as the marker icon glows over it

This shrine does more than house the Ghost; it seemingly represents the being as a whole. If Sonic can manage a cyloop around the shrine the Ghost popped out of, the shrine will be destroyed and will send a shockwave directly into the Ghost.

Ghost will not simply float around and let you do this. At any point, the Ghost can decide to trap Sonic in a black void. This void will prevent Sonic from moving until you button-mash your way out of it, and the constant bloodsucking effect on your rings will continue.

Manage to loop around the shrine, and you’ve destroyed only the first of many.

The Rest Of The Shrines

Sonic Frontiers Sonic and Ghost Guardian shrine on a floating platform

The Ghost Guardian will now flee from Sonic, although it will not stop sucking up his rings, so you do not have time to recuperate yourself. Once the Ghost gets to the next shrine, another cutscene will play to roughly show you where it is. At this point, you may notice that the first shrine was located just before a running track, a line of speed challenges that Sonic has been using to traverse the islands since Kronos.

This will include climbable walls, grind rails, bumpers, speed roost rings, and balloons, and the most notable part will be the hanging ropes. Each track starts with a hanging rope Sonic pulls himself up with using a homing attack, and these ropes will only lower themselves when the related shrine is next on the list. Destroy a shrine, wait for the Ghost to attach to the next one, then the rope will drop so you can start running.

Sonic Frontiers Sonic grinding on a rail during Ghost Guardian as Ghost attempts to trap him

Your rings will continue to float away, and the Ghost can once again trap you in a black void whenever it feels like it. This can be horribly timed on Sonic’s part, as nothing is stopping him from falling off the edge of the track. You’re not over a pit, and therefore, you won’t die, but you’ll lose more rings the longer this takes, so always bolt back to the start as soon as you can if you fall off. Cylooping for more rings is not recommended, as you may only gain back as many rings as you lost while Cylooping, gaining a net of nothing.

As a shrine is at the end of each section of the track, just run through the tracks until you find the next shrine and destroy it. There are only a few issues to keep in the back of your mind during this.

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Nothing Left But Friendly Advice

Sonic Frontiers Ghost Guardian connected to a shrine at the very beginning of the boss fight

Considering the Ghost is on a forced track, recommended attacks aren’t necessary. There are no combos to use on the Ghost; the only way to harm it is by Cylooping the shrines.

The tracks themselves will stick to the same type of cinematic camera these tracks tend to use, and Sonic will, for the most part, magnetically stick to sections of the tracks like the climbable walls and anything he can homing attack onto. As stated, it is still possible to fall, but not impossible to jolt back and start again if you have enough rings.

This may no longer be an issue, but it should be noted the Ghost does have a path-finding issue. Sometimes the Ghost will stray away from the next shrine it needs to fly to, floating off into the void instead. With no way to attack it and the constant draining of your rings, you’ll have no choice but to just run away and end the encounter. It’s very possible this has or will be patched, and it only seemed to happen at one of the two locations.

With Ghost exorcised, you can take its Portal Gear to unlock Cyberspace missions.

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