Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1: Best Weapons To Use


The loot pool in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has been severely shaken up following the end of Fortnite Chapter 3. While we see a couple of weapons make their return, we also have a brand-new arsenal make its debut. It can be hard trying to figure out which one is going to not only do the most damage, but be the most effective in battle.

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There are a total of 16 weapons to choose from, but you should primarily focus on obtaining the ones listed here. If you do, you’ll be seeing several victory royales in no time.


10/10 Cluster Bow

Fortnite Bow Augment

The bows in Fortnite are one of the weapons that make their grand return. There are a couple of them to choose from but the one you should take priority over is the Cluster Bow. With the cluster bow, upon shooting an arrow not only does it do damage, but it also breaks off into mini explosives.

What makes this bow one of the best is that you can really take advantage of your enemies that are in buildings causing mini explosions to fall upon them. What really helps is that you can find this bow by using an augment.

9/10 Red-Eye Assault Rifle

Fortnite Red Eye Assault Rifle

A new assault rifle that was added to the game was the Red-Eye Assault Rifle. Aiming down sights with the weapon itself turns it into a 1st person POV making the weapon even more accurate than your typical SCAR.

While it does have a slower rate of fire it proves to be effective from long and medium distances. It does 48 damage with headshots doing 59. With all the assault rifles you can choose from in Chapter 4, you should go with the Red-Eye Assault Rifle.

8/10 Maven Auto Shotgun

Fortnite Maven Shotgun

If you want a Shotgun that has a high rate of fire, then you should pick up the Maven Auto Shotgun. However, as a tradeoff, its damage stats are reduced to only 85 to the body and 148 to the head. The spread itself is also wide so don’t always expect to hit a headshot all the time.

In a close-quarters fight, it really helps to have this shotgun on you if you want to deal rapid amounts of damage. You can be sure that it’ll erase anything in your sight real quick.

7/10 Thunder Shotgun

Fortnite Thunder Shotgun

The best shotgun that’s currently in Fortnite is the Thunder Shotgun. Unlike the Maven Auto Shotgun, The Thunder Shotgun brings the boom and does massive damage to enemies. It does 105 damage to the body and 195.36 to the head.

It fairly resembles the Pump Shotgun, but shoots two shells off at a time. While it has a slower rate of fire, if you hit your shots you’ll be unstoppable in no time. If it was between the Maven and the Thunder, go with the Thunder 100% of the time.

6/10 DMR

Fortnite DMR

One of the best assault rifles in the game during Chapter 4 Season 1 right now is the DMR. This rifle excels at medium to longer ranges as it can be truly effective to pick enemies off one by one at a distance. There is a bit of a bullet drop to take account of but once you master it you’ll be a pro in no time.

The DMR won’t be very effective if you get involved in a close-range battle, so make sure that you have an SMG or a Pistol on you if you want to win a match.

5/10 Rocket Launcher

Fortnite Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher comes back this season causing havoc on the island once more. It works the same way that it always has. You aim, shoot, and demolish anyone along with everything around you. When using it, be aware of how close you are to your enemy as you don’t want to accidentally blow yourself up in the process.

You can pretty much pair any weapon together with the Rocket Launcher. If you happen to run out of ammo, you can either keep it on you hoping to find some later, or you can drop it for something else. The choice is up to you.

4/10 Ex-Caliber Rifle

Fortnite Ex-Calibre Rifle

The Ex-Caliber Rifle is a new rifle that has been added in Chapter 4. Despite its name, it uses shotgun ammo so be wary if you pair it up with a shotgun. It’s a semi-auto rifle that shoots swords at your foes. If you hit them, it sticks to the body and explodes after a couple of seconds.

They also stick to surfaces and do a small amount of area damage. The Ex-Calibre Rifle has extreme accuracy, and it’s a lot easier to hit your shots compared to the other weapons on this list.

3/10 The Shockwave Hammer

Fortnite Area Scan Augment

Have you ever thought about wielding a giant hammer and whacking your opponents with it? The Shockwave Hammer can help you fulfill that dream. It’s essentially a shockwave grenade implemented into a giant hammer. Upon hitting an enemy it launches them through the air while also doing damage.

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After you hit a foe, switch to a different weapon and shoot at them from a distance You can also use the hammer to traverse the island by bouncing yourself off of it. It has a recharge timer so be sure to time your jumps well.

2/10 Twin Mag SMG

Fortnite Twin Mag SMG-1

The Twin Mag SMG is a unique addition to the loot pool. It’s an SMG with a quick fire rate and a double-sided magazine attached to it. Once you use a magazine, you can easily drop it and switch to the second one allowing you to keep firing shots off at your enemies.

The SMG itself doesn’t do a lot of damage as it only has a base damage of 18 and 27 with a headshot, however, the rate of fire is what makes this weapon so great.

1/10 Tactical Pistol

Fortnite Tactical Pistol

Finally, we have the Tactical Pistol. While it doesn’t have a faster rate of fire than the Twin Mag SMG, it does do a greater amount of damage. It does 25 damage to the body and 50 to the head. It’s more efficient and effective than the Twin Mag allowing you to shred enemies in a matter of seconds.

While the rate of fire may be slower, it has the damage numbers to back it up. You can have both of the SMGs in your inventory if you really want to wreak some havoc, but the choice is up to you.

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