Best Cards To Combo With Iron Fist

With so many powerful movement cards that players are able to utilize throughout Marvel Snap, many may wonder which are among the best in the game. For those players, Iron Fist is definitely one of the best cards for movement-based decks.

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Iron Fist is a 1-cost card with 2-power, and has the On Reveal ability to where he sends the next card the player lays down one location to the left after it reveals. Because of his great ability at 1-cost, Iron Fist is a great choice for helping strategize with movement cards in order to rack up power for locations.


10/10 Kraven

Kraven is one of the earliest movement cards that players will be able to get their hands on in Marvel Snap, since it is obtainable in pool 1 of the game. Kraven is a 2-cost card with 2-power, and has the ability that states when a card moves to his location, he gains 2-power.

With movement decks, Kraven can become a force with the amount of cards moving to his location. Iron Fist can move a card, which means that Iron fist can essentially provide Kraven with a swift +2 to his power when a card is pushed here.

9/10 Vulture

vulture in marvel snap

Vulture is definitely among the best cards in Marvel Snap, as his movement ability makes him an absolute powerhouse. Vulture is a 3-cost card with 3-power, though his ability states that when Vulture moves, he gets 5-power added to his card.

Even by just moving once, Vulture can go up to 8-power, which is incredible for a 3-cost card. With Iron Fist in hand, a player can easily get Vulture an extra 5-power by moving him across the board in the early game. For even greater results, players could use Iron Fist to move Vulture onto Kraven’s location.

8/10 Dagger

dagger in marvel snap

Dagger is a wonderful movement card that players will only be able to obtain in pool 3 of Marvel Snap. This card will cost players 2-energy, and has a measly power of 1.

Fortunately for movement decks, Dagger’s ability states that when her card is moved, she receives 2-power for each enemy card at the location. In her case, Iron Fist can be used to move Dagger to a location the enemy has multiple cards played on, and then Dagger could instantly gain power that rivals even 6-cost cards.

7/10 Cloak

cloak in marvel snap

Cloak, the canonical other half of the duo with Dagger, is another great movement card for players to utilize in movement decks. Cloak is a card that players can obtain in pool 2 of Marvel Snap. This card is a 2-cost card with a great 4-power.

The card also has the On Reveal ability that states that during the next turn, players can move cards to the location that Cloak was played upon. With Iron Fist used in a combination with Cloak, Cloak can strategically allow players to move cards to a location and then be moved to the left location to clear up space.

6/10 Miles Morales

miles morales in marvel snap

Miles Morales’ Spider-Man makes great waves in the Marvel Snap community within almost any sort of deck but is easily more proficient in movement decks. This card was obtainable during the Symbiote Invasion season pass, but is also obtainable in pool 3 of Marvel Snap.

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Miles is a 4-cost card with 5-power, but his ability states that if any card moved the last turn, Miles Morales will only cost 1-energy. Iron Fist can easily unlock a 1-cost Miles Morales.

5/10 Human Torch

human torch in marvel snap

The fierce and fiery member of The Fantastic Four makes his way into Marvel Snap in pool 3 of the card game. Human Torch is an excellent movement card that will only cost players 1-energy, and provides 2-power. Human Torch also has an incredible ability that states that when his card his moved, his power is doubled.

That means that just by moving on two different occasions, Human Torch will have 8-power. Quickly enough, Iron Fist can help Human Torch reach 4-power, or even greater power later in the game.

4/10 Doctor Octopus

doctor octopus in marvel snap

Doctor Octopus isn’t a movement card at all, but definitely one of the greatest interference cards that players can utilize in Marvel Snap. Doctor Octopus is a 5-cost card with an incredible amount of 10-power.

Doctor Octopus also has the On Reveal ability that states that the card will pull 4 random cards from the opponent’s hand and place them on their side of that location. With Iron Fist, Doctor Octopus can foil plans and then add 10-power to a meaningful location to his left.

3/10 Multiple Man

multiple man in marvel snap

The X-Men’s Multiple Man greets beginners in Marvel Snap during their time in pool 1 of the game. Multiple Man is a great movement card for players to utilize in spreading power across the virtual table of Marvel Snap. Multiple Man is a 2-cost card with 3-power, and has the ability that states that when he is moved, a copy of his card is placed at the location he moved from.

With the right supportive cards, this card can easily become a plague for the enemy across the table. Iron Fist can give Multiple Man one clone in a location if need be.

2/10 Gamora

gamora in marvel snap

Gamora is another great Marvel character card that isn’t necessarily a movement-based card at all, but the Guardians of the Galaxy member is definitely one of the best cards for players to utilize with Iron Fist. Gamora is a 5-cost card with a grand 6-power.

Her initial power is already great, but if the opponent plays a card at the same location as Gamora in the same turn, Gamora gains 5-power, bringing her up to 11-power. In partnership with Iron Fist, a player can anticipate a player’s move, gain the bonus, and then move Gamora to the left to add great power to that location.

1/10 Hulk Buster

hulk buster in marvel snap

The robotic Hulk Buster is definitely among some of the most fun cards to use in Marvel Snap, as it basically allows for any Marvel Character in the game to essentially don the Hulk Buster armor. Even Squirrels are able to utilize the armor!

Hulk Buster is a 3-cost card with 4-power, and has the On Reveal ability that states that the card will merge with a random friendly card at its location. With Iron Fist, Hulk Buster can merge with a card at a location, and then Iron Fist will essentially be moving that card to the left!

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