10 Cutest Dark Type Pokemon That Are Endearingly Edgy

In the world of Pokemon, many different designs hold unique charm and appeal, making them quite adorable in the eyes of fans. Traditionally, Dark Type Pokemon wouldn’t be categorized among these other ‘Mons as cute, but even these edgy little beings can be cute and cuddly.

We’ve rounded up ten of the most adorable Dark Type Pokemon that perfectly combine edgy and endearing below, so what are you waiting for? Grab some Pokeballs and try to catch these critters before they run away!

Galarian Zigzagoon

Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Look at this spiky fella, he’s like the panda-fied version of the original Hoenn-native Zigzagoon design. From that zig-zagging mouth, tiny sharp teeth, and the tongue hanging out like a cute puppy dog, this punkish Pokemon has quite an adorable appearance.

First released in Pokemon Sword & Shield, Galarian Zigzagoon arrived with characteristics of a raccoon-dog hybrid, which creates this super lovable balance of ‘total gremlin’ and ‘best friend in the world’. According to the Pokedex, this spiked buddy is known for running in zig-zags, and can be an absolute menace, purposely charging into other Pokemon to start a fight and wreaking havoc. Welp, this little guy sure has the punk rock attitude, that’s for sure!


Zorua in the Pokemon anime.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Zorua is a very beloved Pokemon to many fans, and for good reason. Not only does this Dark Type fox have a very mysterious, shadowy appearance, but it also has endearing, lovable features, and a charming, mischievous personality that add character to the little critter. Zorua has tiny, stubby paws, a cloud of dark fluff around its neck, an edgy tuft of hair with red highlights, big, expressive eyes that add to the tricksterish appearance, and tiny eyebrows to emphasize the chaotic expressions this trickster plasters on its face.

Zorua is the perfect partner for any prankster, as this guy loves to use its illusionary abilities to transform into copies of other Pokemon and even people, enabling it to play tricks on those around it. It may be a tad mischievous, but damn, this fox’s smug smirk is more than enough to tug at my heart.


Maschiff in the Pokemon anime.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Look, Maschiff may not have the big sparkly eyes, or lovable lopsided puppy grin with a big tongue sticking out, but this doesn’t stop this Dark Type doggo from being super adorable. Maschiff looks like that one super chewy, grumpy puppy who just can’t wait to hook those teefs into its next bone or toy, tail waggling the entire time.

Truth be told, Maschiff here is all bark, no bite — always carrying a scowl in an attempt to appear intimidating and make opponents take it seriously. However, according to the Pokedex, even crying children will burst into laughter upon looking at Maschiff’s face. D’aaw, this chonky boi is secretly a big softie at heart; how could one not love that?


Morpekoin the Pokemon anime.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Look, if there’s one Pokemon we can all relate to on a spiritual level, it’s Morpeko. This adorable Electric/Dark Dual-Type rodent usually carries a soft yellow color palette, with friendly eyes, and a big, cheery smile. However, upon getting hungry, Morpeko’s personality switches, changing to its ‘Hangry Form’ — taking on a purple coat with bright red eyes. Much like a Snickers bar, Morpeko here relates to the phrase ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry.’

Honestly? I respect it, Morpeko, because we’ve all entered Hangry mode from time to time. However, despite this being the more feral of the two forms, this critter is adorable even when fuelled by anger. Just look at his little scowl, and balled fists in that stance….someone get that dude some food and cuddles, ASAP!


Poochyena from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Another bitey pupper joins the list with Poochyena, a wolf-like canine puppy Pokemon known for its large, sharp fangs and persistent nature. Poochyena here has big, bright eyes, tiny paws, a cute red nose, and fluffy, spiky fur on its back and tail. It tends to bristle this fur to try and intimidate foes….aw, you’re trying so hard to be a big bad dawg, lil’ guy. I’m sure Poochyena and Maschiff would get along perfectly fine and perhaps even be best buddies, too. Who wouldn’t want an adorable, bitey boi dog duo on their Pokemon team? Dark Type Doggos for the win!


Deino in the Pokemon anime.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Adorable Dark dragon-dino? Check! Deino here is perhaps one of the cutest blue friends you could ever wish for. I mean, just look at these two in the image above — while they may not have big beady eyes or facial features to admire, Deino is rather endearing due to the big black fluff that covers its face and neck, making it the cutest emo dinosaur out there.

In addition to the fluff, deino has cute stubby legs, a stocky body, and a tiny tail that most certainly looks like it could wag when it gets excited. Plus, look at their little mouths and cheeks stuffed full of food as they nom away…that certainly adds some bonus cute points!


Purrloin Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Let’s just ignore those long pointy claws for a second. Look at this adorable fluffy cat Pokemon! Purrloin certainly fits the Dark Type vibe with its deep fur color, smug expression, and pointed sections of fluff on its face, ears, and tail. However, this Pokemon is also undeniably adorable…and Purrloin here uses that to its advantage! That’s right, the cute act is no more than a ruse.

Once Trainers let their guard down, Purrloin is well-known for stealing from them, or even worse — attacking, using those pointed cat claws to slash at their foes. However, due to their cute and cuddly appearance, these Pokemon are often forgiven for their chaotic actions…I mean, I guess I can’t blame them. I’d probably be a total sucker for Purrloin, too.


Umbreon in the Pokemon anime.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Look. Umbreon may have intimidating red eyes and a powerful stance, but as one of several Eeveelutions, this ‘Mon has more than earned its rights to the ‘adorable’ category. Somehow, this design manages to balance elegant, mysterious, edgy, and cute all in one, which is quite impressive. The most endearing characteristic of Umbeon is without a doubt the fact that when this Pokemon is under the moonlight or becomes excited, the yellow markings on its body glow. Aww, who needs a nightlight when you’ve got your buddy Umbeon by your side?


Nickit in the Pokemon anime.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

That’s right, there’s another cute fox friend on this list to give Zorua a run for its money! Much like Zorua, Nickit is also quite the mischievous trickster. However, instead of taking an illusionist approach, Nickit here is a cheeky little thief. This adorable fox uses the soft pads of its feet to sneak on by, and steal and horde food from other Pokemon, lastly using swipes of its tail to erase its footsteps as it takes off. Seriously, this ‘Mon is a full-fledged bandit, and honestly? I can’t help but respect the hustle Nickit has.


Pawniard in the Pokemon anime.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Poor Pawniard here so often misses out on opportunities to be recognized as cute, due to those pointy blades it has sticking out all over its body. However, I can’t help but find this little friend to be one of the most charming Dark Type Pokemon of them all. Look at its short body, big, eager eyes, and almost oversized helmet — Pawniard is like an adorable samurai kid.

This guy would make the best buddy for adventure, following you around and training to grow strong together. Plus, despite being small, Pawniard sure looks like it could be fiercely brave and protective, making it a great partner Pokemon.

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