10 Best Magical Spells Across The Kingdom Hearts Series, Ranked

The Kingdom Hearts series is based on a few metrics that deal with the player’s strength, their magic damage, and the length of the Keyblade. The few metrics make it so that the developers take all of these parts of the game into account and try to make something special for those playing the game.

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The spells on this list are those in the Kingdom Hearts series that are the most useful for the players to use throughout their journey. Some of these spells also look awesome when unleashed and cause mass amounts of chaos on the battlefield.


10/10 Sparkga

Sparkga is a spell exclusive to Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, but it should be brought back merely because of its simple yet gorgeous design. The spell will summon rings that look as though they have crystals at the ends of them. The rings will grow large and deal damage to enemies surrounding the player.

The attack is nice because each spinning ring appears to be constantly changing colors and damaging opponents with a flair.

9/10 Firaga Burst

Firaga Burst is a spell brought in by Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. It is a spell that only Aqua can use, but it is flashy and cool. The spell will have Aqua put her Keyblade above her; then a giant fireball will appear above her head, and she will begin shooting a bunch of smaller fireballs.

It is a spell that can damage multiple enemies if the player ever begins to feel like they are surrounded. The spell also ignites enemies, which will cause a consistent burst of damage to all opponents that catch the effect for a short duration.

8/10 Graviga

Graviga is a spell that can deal massive damage if the player learns how to use it right and which enemies it works on best. The spell first appears in Kingdom Hearts, and as it gets to this level, the attack’s area of effect becomes much bigger than expected.

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This spell looks pretty unassuming, but the Graviga spell can instantly kill certain enemies if the player’s magic damage is high enough.

7/10 Magnega

Kingdom Hearts 2 grabbed the Gravity and Stop spells and put them together to make this one. This spell ensures that enemies get caught in a spinning field of damage that only harms as the enemies continue to spill around. The great thing is that this spell can be combined with attacks to take out a lot of enemies quickly.

The range of Magnega also becomes massive. This makes almost nearly impossible for enemies to escape from the giant cyclone of death the player places.

6/10 Aeroza

Aeroza allows the player to summon a giant cyclone that is accompanied by tiny tornados that fly around it, making it devastating to unleash against enemies. The great thing about Kingdom Hearts 3 is that several spells it takes on are as flashy as this one.

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The spell is fun to watch, and, like many other spells on this list, can be suitable if the players needs to destroy a large mob of enemies quickly or dish out high damage.

5/10 Thundaga

Thundaga in Kingdom Hearts 3 makes the players feel as though they have taken control of Zeus’ lightning powers. The magical spell has the player summoning many different lightning bolts that shoot down from the sky and electrocute all the enemies caught in its radius.

The spell is very dangerous as it dishes out a lot of electricity damage. Also, the way that MP works in the game, especially in the late game, can make the players feel as though they can cast the spell forever. For a thunder spell, it’s not as flashy as others but still a sight to behold.

4/10 Waterga

Waterga in Kingdom Hearts 3 works a lot like how Aero used to work in previous Kingdom Hearts games. The spell grants the players a protective barrier while the attack is being dealt, but it does not keep that barrier on the players for too long. The spell also shoots out a big splash of water toward the opponent.

The Waterza situation command makes the splash bigger than before, and the protection the players get is extended.

3/10 Dark Firaga

Dark Firaga makes an appearance for Riku in many of the Kingdom Hearts games, but it’s in Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts 3: Re: Mind, where the spell starts to cool. This spell is exclusive to Riku and will have him shoot out a fireball that will split up into tiny fireballs.

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It’s not the strongest spell that the game has to offer, but it sure is one of the coolest in the game, as it looks like a very unexpected attack with a lot of flash to itself.

2/10 Balloonga

Balloonga in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is the most overpowered spell ever touched the Kingdom Hearts universe, and that is said wholeheartedly. It’s not just this powerful spell but also its other Balloon spell counterparts that make the extremely difficult end-game bosses feel like the tutorial bosses of the game.

Players can cause enemies and, most importantly, bosses, to run into this attack and do a massive amount of damage to themselves. If players learn to time the attack right, they can beat the entirety of the last half of the game with this spell.

1/10 Curaga

Curaga is not the flashiest spell in the game, but it is probably the spell that most players–unless they are complete pros at running the game–will be using. The spell is used similarly to that of other games as using it will take up all the players’ magic points, making them not be able to cast anything else.

The great thing is that this spell will most likely always save the player from imminent death. It’s the one spell that players always want to have on deck to quickly use for when situations start to get tight.

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