10 Best Horror Games, Ranked

Roblox is a game that’s all about letting your imagination run free as the types of games at your disposal are almost endless. Despite the game’s cute and child-friendly atmosphere, there are a collection of horror games that have been made for players to enjoy.

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Looking for the right horror game to play may be a challenge as some of them are less scary than others. Look no further as this list will help you find the best horror games that Roblox has to offer. Whether you want a solo experience or something to scare you and your friends, there’s something for everybody.


10/10 Piggy

Piggy is a game that most wouldn’t initially find scary since the main antagonist is Peppa Pig herself. Don’t let her fool you as having a demonic version of the cartoon character chase you around with a bat can scare anybody. As you try and escape you’ll always have your heart racing.

The game even allows you to play as Peppa and hunt down survivors with different character models you can equip. There’s also lore behind the game you can uncover as a survivor. The game is constantly receiving updates so grab a friend and survive against your piggy captor together.

9/10 Survive The Night

Survive The Night has you doing exactly as the title suggests. You’re tasked with staying alive until 6 am while trying to avoid the killer (Slasher). It’s almost like hide and seek, but this time if you get caught you, die. Working together with a group of friends and making a strategy can prove to be an exciting time.

There’s a shop within the game that allows you to purchase customization options such as character skins and new decals for your gear and weapons. A level-up system is also present for those who want to show off their survival skills.

8/10 3008

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be locked inside an IKEA with different SCPs trying to kill you? Funny enough 3008 has you doing just that. While the store is open you have to grab items, build a base, and prep for after hours as the store becomes filled with SCPs and IKEA employees hunting you down at night.

It’s definitely anxious when the base you built gets broken into and sends you on a mad dash across the store. You’ll see other players as well, so you can always team up with them if your base gets compromised. 3008 is a unique but much-needed take on the horror genre.

7/10 Scary Elevator 2

Scary Elevator 2 has you going through multiple floors filled with nothing but horrors. The further up you go, your odds of survival go down. You’ll face a wide variety of monsters such as SCPs, Slender Man, Freddy Fazbear, and other classic horror characters as well. You never know what to expect next. With every update, new monsters are being added.

You can buy gear with points you earn by surviving which can help you stay alive. The game itself can prove to be chaotic at times, but that’s what makes it so fun. With friends, you’ll definitely find yourself having a scary time.

6/10 Apeirophobia

Apeirophobia is essentially the backrooms in Roblox as you’re teleported into a room that looks like it can go on forever, hence the name. There are several puzzles and levels for you to beat and can prove to be a challenge. Not only that but as you try to escape there are monsters and jump scares waiting for you along the way.

Considering that the game has a bunch of flashing lights, loud sounds, and even some unsavory images, it can definitely give you a bit of a scare. Playing with friends is highly recommended unless you have nerves of steel.

5/10 Specter

If you ever wanted to play Phasmophobia but never got around to buying it, Specter is the game for you. The game is based on Phasmophobia as it has you investigating different locations for any paranormal activity. You and three other people can get together and solve the mystery of the paranormal together.

Just like Phasmophobia, it proves to be an exciting and thrilling time. You can also unlock new gear that can make solving mysteries a lot easier. There have been moments where playing solo has felt like a drag so partying up is the way to go.

4/10 Break In

Even though Break In is a narrative-based horror game, it’s still enjoyable no matter how many times you play through it. You and a bunch of other players move into a new home that gets broken into the same night. You have to survive and overcome various tasks as you try to stay alive against your attackers.

There are two teams which are children and adults. Being an adult makes the game much harder for you. The game itself is a blast as everything essentially goes 0 to 100 real quick. It’s terrifying from beginning to end, especially if it’s your first time playing.

3/10 Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a game all about deception and running away from a murderer. There’s one murderer, a sheriff, and the rest of the players are innocents. It’s up to the sheriff to find out who the murderer is and shoot them where they stand.

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Not only does the game have a bunch of cosmetic items you can buy, but it’s also constantly being updated. With the right group of people, you’re bound to have an anxiety-fun-filled time together. It’s exactly like hide and seek, but this time with a few extra steps involved for the players.

2/10 Recoil Zombies

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty Zombies then you’re going to love RECOIL ZOMBIES. The game plays exactly like COD Zombies and even has some nostalgic maps from the game as well such as Kino and Nacht. You have to fight off waves of zombies either solo or with four other people while also upgrading your guns in the process.

The longer you stay alive, the harder it gets. There are also perks you can collect to make things easier for you. The game even has a PvP mode for you to enjoy that makes things competitive and even scarier.

1/10 The Maze

Out of everything on this list The Maze is one that you should definitely play. As the name suggests you have to go through a maze, but it’s not your average hedge maze. At every twist and turn, you’ll find yourself running into jump scares, monsters, dead bodies, and other horrors.

The maze itself is very dark, and you’re only equipped with a flashlight and a camera as a source of light. The flashlight itself goes in and out at times, so it always keeps you on edge. You can play with up to 12 people, so you’ll never be alone. Grab some friends and have a frightening time together.

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