10 Best FMV Games of All Time

Full Motion Video games have come a long way since… well, the early days.

With technological advancements, FMV games have evolved to offer players a more immersive and interactive experience, implementing live-action or animated footage that can create a spectacular blend of narrative and gameplay. Today we will look at some of the best FMV games of all time, highlighting the titles that have pushed the boundaries of the genre and set the standard for interactive storytelling.

Dragon’s Lair

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Dragon’s Lair marks a turning point in gaming’s history, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that has stood the test of time. The game’s hand-drawn visuals, created by legendary animator Don Bluth, are truly a work of art; it’s so beautiful and detailed that it feels like you’re watching a movie. The animation brings the story to life in a way that few games of the time could match.

The gameplay is also noteworthy, as it requires players to react swiftly and make split-second decisions to progress through the levels, making it both challenging and rewarding. Players must use precise timing and quick reflexes to guide the hero Dirk through the obstacles and battles, making it akin to a playable cartoon. Dragon’s Lair is a game that is not only great for its nostalgia value but also for its unique blend of animation and gameplay that makes it worth playing again and again. Buy it here.

Night Trap

In-game visual depiction
Image via Screaming Villians

A cult classic and one of the most controversial FMV games of all time. Players take on the role of a security guard tasked with protecting a group of teenage girls from a horde of vampire-like creatures. It provides traditional horror fun, and the historical controversy was a little silly in the first place. Nevertheless, it is worth a buy when on sale.

The game’s subject matter and content were quite divisive upon its initial release. It was criticized for being violent and sexualized, leading to a significant public debate about its content. However, Night Trap’s legacy lives on, and it remains a favorite among fans of the genre. Furthermore, a recent re-release on modern platforms has given a new generation of players a chance to experience this strange curio of FMV experimentation.

The 7th Guest

In-game visual depiction
Image via MojoTouch

The 7th Guest invites players into a spooky and mysterious mansion, where they must solve puzzles to uncover the secrets of its past. With decent live-action footage for its time and a twisted storyline, this game is a must-play for horror and adventure aficionados if you can get the original version. There are a variety of remasters available for mobile and PC that are hampered by rendering issues and other dubious touch-ups that did not sit well with fans.

The 7th Guest Legacy Edition is available here.

At Dead of Night

In-game visual depiction
Image via Baggy Cat

A more modern experience for the genre that will transport you to a realm of fear and unease. At Dead of Night will make you question reality as you take on the role of the protagonist, a student trapped in a remote hotel run by a psychopath.

The full-motion video design gives you a sense of realism that will make your heart race as you explore the abandoned hotel and communicate with the ghosts of the villain’s past, which manifest around the hotel and gradually reveal their stories. Using an ancient ghost device to communicate with the spirits amplifies the mystery, while the game’s engine creates a polished and enjoyable experience.

Three years of production show the game’s overall quality and attention to detail. Get it here.

Space Ace

In-game visual depiction
Image via Digital Leisure

Don Bluth returns with a follow-up sci-fi FMV that proves even less forgiving than its dungeon-based predecessor. Players take on the role of Ace, a space cadet who must rescue his girlfriend from the clutches of the evil Commander Borf.

The fast-paced action and gorgeous animation will prove an appealing hook for many, with the caveat that the precision timing required to progress can be absolutely brutal. Often Ace will have the right idea, only to find himself obliterated by a button press mistimed by just a fraction. When veterans of the industry claim that games were harder back in their day, Space Ace is a prime example, almost to the point of feeling a bit cruel. But hey, a classic is a classic, and you might be up to the challenge. Buy it here!


In-game visual depiction
Image via Activision

Phantasmagoria stands out as an old gem in the horror genre, offering a unique experience that was incredibly terrifying for the time. The game’s story is well-designed, taking players on a journey through a haunted mansion filled with horrifying experiences; even gore and death. The use of live-action cutscenes and full-motion video, along with the first-person perspective, does add to the immersion checklist.

Phantasmagoria puzzles are designed to be challenging and, depending on what you’re looking for, are either hit or miss. Keep in mind that everything is available on the internet if you get stuck! The atmosphere and sound design is also a standout feature, with each area of the game having its distinct ambiance that adds to the overall sense of dread. Phantasmagoria tries to push the boundaries of what a horror game can be, and has left a lasting impression on players long after its release.

The Bunker

Image via Wales Interactive

From the moment you enter this game, you are transported to a top-secret underground bunker, where you take on the role of a desperate man born in the aftermath of a catastrophic event. The Bunker provides a gripping story with twists and turns that keep the player interested.

Is two hours of gameplay sufficient? Typically not, but I think of The Bunker as more of a psychological horror movie. Suddenly, the short amount of gameplay feels more appropriate. Most importantly, the player needs to enjoy the story, as this kind of game is all about engaging the audience.

Additionally, it boasts excellent visuals and sound design, and as you progress, you will face various situations that will test your critical thinking. Your choices along the way will shape the narrative, while the acting and atmosphere will remain consistent regardless. It is easy to like the protagonist in this title, so give the game a try. It is available on Steam here.

The Beast Within

In-game visual depiction
Image via Activision

The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery is a sequel to the previous Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. It is known for its intricate storyline and challenging puzzles, all of which make a game shine. Who isn’t interested in a lycanthropic mystery?

Set in Germany, The Beast Within follows the story of Gabriel Knight, a bookstore owner and amateur detective, as he investigates a series of werewolf murders. The game’s use of live-action sequences, which helped bring the story and characters to life exceptionally well for the time, adds to the title’s realism. It doesn’t hurt that a total orchestral score composed by Robert Holmes was present, enhancing the game’s atmosphere and ambiance.


In-game visual depiction
Image via Cyan Worlds Inc

If you enjoy puzzles, you will love the interactive live-action game Myst — which is essentially one gigantic puzzle. Set on the eponymous island, players uncover its secrets by solving intricate brainteasers, quickly establishing it as one of the most influential and successful titles of all time. The game’s use of non-linear gameplay and open-world exploration was also ground-breaking, and it is credited with popularizing the adventure game genre.

Should you be interested, plenty of remakes adjust the movement and pre-rendered graphics for a simultaneously modern yet familiar experience.

Her Story

Image via Sam Barlow

Step into the shoes of a detective and unravel a gripping mystery with Her Story. As you begin your investigation into a series of police interviews, you’ll find yourself in front of an old desktop, complete with files and programs that hold the key to solving the case. The L.O.G.I.C. Database is your trusty tool, allowing you to sift through 271 video clips of police interviews with a woman named Hannah Smith as she gives her testimony.

But be warned! You’ll have to piece together the story by watching short clips and deciphering the context of Hannah’s answers. The interviews are transcribed, allowing you to search for specific words in the database and read the material. You can tag clips at particular moments as you discover new information, track the videos you have already watched, and uncover hidden truths in certain statements. Are you ready to crack the case?

FMV games are a thrilling medium for interactive storytelling. This list offers a variety of titles with different forms of animation, gameplay, themes, and even eras. In addition, these games stand as a testament to the genre’s enduring legacy and the creativity of the developers behind them. If you’re a fan of FMV games or simply looking for something different from the same old, these games are a must-play.

These are the best FMV games of all time for your enjoyment. Make sure to check out the range of other incredible content Twinfinite has on offer!

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