10 Best Enemy Designs In RPGs

Role-playing games are full of enemies, but a lot of the time they seem to fade into the void of a player’s mind. What makes a good enemy stand out is how it was designed. An enemy can be designed well by having a move set that is something new that’s brought to the table. It can also be well designed in that it’s aesthetically pleasing to the player. Many factors can go into making a great enemy.

These enemies are some of the most interesting enemies in the RPG genre. They are those that deserve to be recognized. The reason for this is that they add to a player’s experience instead of only standing in the way.


10/10 Fel Reaver – World of Warcraft

The Fel Reavers in World of Warcraft were added with The Burning Crusade downloadable content that was added to the game in 2007. These enemies are huge mechanical demons that tower over any player that decides to face off against them. The green source of ghastly fel energy looks great as different parts of the mechanical being expel it from their body.

Every part of their design is pleasant to gaze upon as the engines on their backs look like a moving lifeline to the beings they belong to. These giant creatures are some that players will most likely want to stay away from.

9/10 Azmodan – Diablo 3

Azmodon in Diablo 3 is one of the coolest-looking bosses that the game has including those that were added in DLC. He has a spider-like appearance though he only has six legs instead of 8. His demonic form is designed to invoke fear as a lot of his proportions are odd. He appears to have horns growing out of his shoulders and his arms are a bit smaller than the proportions of his body.

The boss fight is not very hard as usually players are pretty leveled up once they reach him, but he is still amazing to look at when players go against him.

8/10 Grun – NieR: Automata

Grun in NieR: Automata is one of the biggest bosses in gaming. The boss fight feels a lot like a player is playing through a classic bullet hell game. The boss summons waves of enemies to initially dispose of the player while it shoots lasers in the background. Players will fly around the boss to discover different weak points that must be destroyed. They also use giant artillery to do massive damage.

The boss fight is a little stationery in terms of what needs to be done. However, the enemy is really cool to look at. This is shown further when it reveals itself entirely from the ocean.

7/10 Deathclaw Mother – Fallout: New Vegas

The Deathclaw Mother is like its male Deathclaw counterpart in Fallout: New Vegas except a lot more terrifying. These enemies are very fast, and without the right weaponry, they can come up on a player dealing extremely high damage. Anyone who’s played Fallout: New Vegas has probably died several times to this creature. They are extremely difficult to kill.

The beast looks like the perfect mutated monster. It has beast-like features yet also has a lot of features that make it resemble a reptile as well. The giant claws that protrude from its hands and its horns look like something that’d belong to a demon. Overall, this enemy is amazing to look at and terrifying to challenge.

6/10 Leshens – The Witcher 3

Leshens are terrifying monsters that can be found in The Witcher 3. They appear mainly in woodland areas as they share a bond with animals. That might be a cute fact about them, but they are still terrifying in appearance and highly territorial.

How they fight is unique to their characteristics. They will use the environment so that they can protect themselves. This will be done by summoning roots from the ground or by controlling animals that will fight in their place.

5/10 Gold Lynel – Breath Of The Wild

The Gold Lynel in Breath of the Wild is as magnificent to behold as it is dangerous to battle. It has a large health pool. It can also dish out some big damage to players who take them on without any preparation. They also can regenerate health which can create some difficult situations for Link.

The design of the Lynel is quite beautiful as its mane flows elegantly with its environment. It can be a terrifying sight to behold with its four-hooved legs as well as its strong monstrous body. Players can only encounter them in Master Mode which adds to their allure.

4/10 Ground Shaker – Kingdom Hearts 2

The Ground Shaker is one of the most enjoyable fights in the Kingdom Hearts series. The boss itself is massive as it towers over Sora in his Pride Lands form in Kingdom Hearts 2. Running around the boss and finding ways to counter it is part of the fun. The boss’ scale is wild as it will require players to climb onto the boss to do damage to different parts of its body.

The design is also really cool as a heartless in a meditative pose sits atop another giant heartless with two faces. It’s awesome as players are initiating combat on top of an enemy with another enemy.

3/10 Lesser Dog – Undertale

Lesser Dog in Undertale is one of the cutest yet most absurd enemy types in a game to have existed. It’s an adorable fluffy dog wearing a suit of armor bearing a sword and shield. It’s seriously one of the best things that players probably never expected to see in gaming.

This enemy also becomes overexcited from any form of physical attention. Once given enough attention, its neck continues to grow longer and longer for one of the cutest moments to have appeared in gaming. This might not be one of the strongest or coolest enemies in a game, but it sure is one of the most adorable.

2/10 Teostra – Monster Hunter World

Teostra in Monster Hunter: World is one of the prettiest monsters in gaming. This is because of the sense of elegance that comes with its lion-like design. The red main around its face and little fuzz ball on its tail add a soft element to the dangerous creature. Teostra isn’t one of the biggest monsters in this game, but it is one of the more agile ones that players will come up against.

Its fire breath attacks are very reminiscent of something that players could expect from a dragon-type creature. It also has a bomb-like attack that can instantly kill players but looks super pretty while preparing.

1/10 Ludwig, The Accursed – Bloodborne

Ludwig, The Accursed in Bloodborne really draws out the horror elements of the game. The design that Ludwig carries is full of cosmic horror. His face is highly distorted and ripped apart. He has a giant growth on his neck that appears to be breathing yet feels as though it has a mind apart from the rest of Ludwig. Nothing on this boss feels as though it belongs.

This is an enemy that makes the mind uneasy. Its attacks are a mangled barrage of confusion, and halfway through the battle, Ludwig gains a blade, making him that much more atrociously powerful.

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